How To Make Wind Power.. Why!  

Below are a few Great reasons WHY
you should learn How To Make Wind Power.

1. The wind is FREE and can be captured efficiently.

2. Once you build your turbine the energy does not cause green house gas or pollute the air.
3. Each turbine only takes up a small area.
4. People don't  mind wine turbines  and think they are a good idea.
5. They are great for remote areas.
6. Wind turbines can be made in all sizes.

    Once you Know How to make wind power,you don't pay so much to the electric companies

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Green energy is the way of the future, So learn How to make wind power today.                         z




If you want to know How to make wind power we have put together some tips for you. Wind power is a clean and renewable resource some benefits of wind power are....
1.wind power is a free resource we can harvest it freeof charge we don't have to mine it or drill for it as we have to do for coal or fuels. By using wind we are saving our non renewable resources and making them last longer.
2. By using wind power we do not make any hazardous impact on our environment because it is environment frindly and do not emit any harmful gases.
3. Wind energy is an endless supply . It is available uninterrupted and is available 24 hours a day seven days a week so you will have fewer power outages.
4. Using wind power is very cost effective once we get the windmill built and have spent our initial cost after that we have no escalating cost our electric bills remains the same.
5. Whenyou have your own windmill you have your own source of power .

When you know How to make wind power, you will have your own source of power you are no longer dependent on the commerical electrical grid or the government supplied power. In order to become power independent we have to get our own source of power. We can do this by getting our own windmill. A windmill is a mechanical turbine that turns mechanical energy into electrical power with the assistance of of wind energy.

This way we become energy independent because there is an abunbance of wind energy.


If you want to know How to make wind power you could start off by building a windmill. A windmill is a wind turbine which can be constructed by getting a kit with its own step by step instructions. Or you could purchase your own individual components and construct your own wind generator. Now in order to construct your own wind turbine you will have to get blabes and rotor, a shaft, a tower to mount it on, a base to mount your tower on, then you will need a generator to supply your electricity.

 There are pre-requisits for constructing a windmill you would need about an acre of land and a location where there is a good supply of wind approximately 11 miles per hour.See some of the costs HERE. There are advantages to having a windmill.

1. you can run all your electrical and electronic appliances for free.
2. You could pump water.
3. You could heat all the water you need.
4. If you live on a farm you could run all the farm equipment.
5. You can do all this and more for free with clean energy.
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How to make wind power an Alternative power

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                                                     David C. Wright, EzineArticles Basic Author
The consumption of electricity by the general home owner has never been so high.

 We are burning up the earths supply of fossil fuels at a non sustainable rate and for many years now the alternatives have been expensive and inefficient. But with today's advances in technology, there is new hope for every home owner and small business
The best alternative energy now is wind and solar power energy that can generate enough electricity to power your home or small business. Wind and solar energy are not only good for the environment and renewable but after the original set up are free. Residential wind and solar power systems are now very efficient and offer a real alternative to the main grid supply of electricity. There are now many benefits to having your own wind and solar power to generate your own electricity, here are just a few:

 1: The supply of wind and solar power is infinite. As long as there is a sun in the sky and wind in your hair, there will never be a shortage of power to supply your increasing needs.

2: With residential wind and solar power systems there are huge annual savings to be made, this is probably the number 1 reason people are now changing to this alternative clean energy, it's also now possible in just a few months, to come off of the main electricity grid altogether and even sell your electricity back to the national grid.

3: Environmentally there is no better way to generate electricity and help protect the planet, renewable energy sources like the wind and sun are nature-friendly, they don't produce any harmful gases or fluids that can harm animals or damage the environment. If constructed in the correct places they can actually help encourage wildlife.

4: The government now offers incentives to home owners and small businesses to install wind and solar power systems. this is after many years of campaigning against global warming. The government now sees the benefits and long term savings that will be made. Installing a residential wind and solar power system in your home or work place, is now well worth considering since it has a lot of benefits to offer both you and the environment. renewable sources of wind and solar energy to generate electricity for your home has been made more affordable and efficient so there is now no real reason not to start generating your own free endless supply of clean energy.

There are many companies all over the world offering plans and advice on how to build and install your generating systems along with many home owners giving up their tips and ideas on building wind and solar power generators, you don't have to be an expert engineer to build a generating system that will supply your home or business with free electricity for life. There are a huge amount of start up kits available with step by step instructions for all sizes of generating systems, so weather it be a small home build project to save a few pennies or a full conversion kit that will get you off the grid, its now not only possible but a real alternative to your expensive dirty national energy supplier.

Lets all do our bit for the environment and save money at the save time, start building NOW!

Weather it be Wind or Solar power, Start your own energy saving project now and save on your electricity bills, get your "FREE" plans and a guide on how to build your alternative energy generator.

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         See video below for some Great ideas for your wind power project
                         Learn how to build swimming pool heaters and  alternative wind power units as well as Solar panels.



How to make wind power

Well the Germans have done it again….
A small village called Wildpoldsried is leading the world with its energy saving systems.
 Mayor Arno Zengerie,  has had a vision for the town as far back as 1997 and strong motivation to see the Wind And Solar power projects as a whole succeed, He has led the way for many years in making Wildpoldsried's energy independence efforts a success.
 As the village has been investing in building and promoting new energy saving industries, maintaining a strong local economy, generating new forms of revenue, and ultimately staying out of debt. And the best way it saw fit to accomplish much of this was through the implementation of self-sustaining, .
Mostly wind and solar Not only did Wildpoldsried successfully reduce the amount of time expected to generate the necessary funds to build local treasures like a sports hall, theater stage, pub, and retirement home with the revenue generated by its thriving renewable energy sector, the village has already successfully built nine community buildings, with more on the way, but it also achieved all this and more without going into debt.

"We often spend a lot of time talking to our visitors about how to motivate the village council  to start thinking differently," said Mayor Zengerle, who now gives talks around the world about the successes of his award-winning village. "We show them a best practices model how to start up and many see the benefits immediately.

 From the tour we give, our guests understand how well things can operate when you have the enthusiasm and conviction of the people.
Why can’t the rest of the world get on this band wagon and start making these systems more efficient and available to all.
YOU can start by building a small wind power generator in your back garden and start saving on your energy bills right away..

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How to make wind Power Generators

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How to make wind Power Generators

Once you know How to make wind Power Generators you will be able to save loads on your energy bills and help the environment at the same time. Stop giving your money to the big fat energy companies and put it in your own pocket. These plans are easy to follow and will save you time and money.
Alternative energy is the green way to go and now anyone can build their own with these step by step designs. We built our own wind generator in just a few days and started saving money right away. Just by following our guide and designs you too will be able to start saving loads on electric bills from day 1.
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So WHY? learn How to make wind Power Generators,  well Green energy is the way of the future, So learn How to make wind power today.                         
It is becoming more and more apparent with skyrocketing gas and energy costs that we will need to leave our old ways behind and find new, renewable energy sources. It will take a shift in thinking and a change of behavior. It will also take more research into alternative energy sources so that they can become cost-effective enough to incorporate them into our fast-paced money-driven world. And many people have responded. New science and engineering ideas are bringing us closer to a world driven on renewable energy than we ever have before.

How to make wind Power Generators

In fact, with plans that are correctly engineered, it is very possible once you know how to make wind power, for you to build a wind Power generator, that will sail in your own backyard to power your house. Build a wind power generator cheaply. You can build a wind generator with materials from a local hardware store and basic tools. You can also build a wind generator yourself for 1/10 of the price commercial ones sell for. So if you want to know How to make wind power You can build a wind generator that can really pump out the power, too. 
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